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Pokhara welcomes 2018 with fireworks, food and live events


January 1, Pokhara

Pokhara welcomed the-year 2018 and said good bye to 2017 experiencing spectacular firework displays and thrilling performances at the 19th Pokhara Street Festival . Pokhrelis danced in street with food and drinks while listening to the live musical events and performances .

This event which was organized by REBAN Pokhara following the Georgian New Year 2018 was a grand success after thousands attended this program to welcome the year-2018 .

The crowd wasn’t only limited to locals as there were large number of foreigners as well as internal tourists arriving to this lake-city to just be a part of this program . People waited until midnight watching various artists perform and entertain . Everyone’s eyes were on the 10-min fireworks at sharp 12 o’clock which had been the main rationale of people staying up till that hour for years .

This 19th Pokhara Street Festival which was organized with a theme of eating , drinking and having fun on streets , officially ends today .This year the streets of Lakeside experienced more crowds than ever before says Chairman of REBAN Pokhara , Chaubahadur Gurung .

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