Women officers manning 80 polling centers


KATHMANDU, Nov 17  Voting for the Constituent Assembly (CA) election at 80 polling centers in 41 districts is to be conducted by women election officers. Information about this was given at a special press meet organized by the Election Commission before 56 hours of the election, Saturday.

Arrangements have been made for conducting voting at least one polling center in the district by woman election officers. Speaking at a press meet, Election Commissioner Ila Sharma said such model practice is expected to help increase women’s participation in the electoral process and boost up confidence of the entire women.

There shall be 10,013 polling centers and 18,457 polling booths for the CA election across the country. Of the 10,709 candidates under the proportional representation system, 5,291 are women. Similarly, of the 6,128 first-past-the post (FPTP) candidates, 667 are women. The total percentage of women candidates in both systems is 35.39.  The Commission is committed to making the entire electoral process gender-friendly in the future, she said.