Voter ID cards mark errors


SAPTARI, Nov 18/The District Election Office has found some errors in voter identity cards distributed in Saptari district. Minor errors noticed in voter ID card prepared by the Election Commission, said the District Election Office.The error is featured in the case of Parmeswori Devi Sah (voter ID card number 1166.623) of Haripur-4, Saptari on the first day of card distribution on Saturday. Her name is mistakenly mentioned as Shivaji Sah instead of Parmeswori Devi Sah. Shivaji Sah is her husband’s name.
Though the ID card has her photo glued, her husband’s name is scribed instead of her, said Saptari Chief District Election Officer Pradeep Sah. He said the office has distributed the ID cards with errors after collecting details of the voter concerned. There are many cases marking such minor errors in voter ID cards in Saptari.