Poll Materials Tarnish Beauty of Bhaktapur


Bhaktapur, Nov. 26- Election publicity materials put up by political parties in different parts of the district during the election campaign have not been removed yet which has tarnished the beauty of the entire town.
Political parties and independent candidates have not felt it necessary to remove posters, pamphlets and flex photos of candidates, banners and party flags pasted and put up at schools, colleges, road walls, temples, electricity poles and private houses  although it is a week since the Constituent Assembly ( CA) election was held.  As per the election code of conduct, such materials should be removed immediately after the completion of the election.
When approached, Chief of District Election Office, Chudamani Panthi said political parties and candidates have already been urged to remove election publicity materials they placed in different areas of the district during the election campaign.
Tourism entrepreneur Radheshyam Shrestha complained that pasting and placing of poll materials in the Bhaktapur city has marred the beauty of the town. He stressed the local administration and election office should immediately take steps to remove them.