Monitoring begins in parbat after code violations

Falebas, Parbat, Nov. 11: Monitoring has begun in Parbat district after violations of election code of conduct increased with the election date drawing closer.   The team of Chief Election Officer started the monitoring from Saturday as complaints of violations by parties were reported. 

Chief Election Officer Madhawendra Regmi and Constituency No. 2 Election Officer Mahendra Kumar Pokhrel started the monitoring. The UCPN-Maoist and Rastriya Janamorcha were found to be pasting posters against the code of conduct, said Regmi.

There were only two violations reported in the villages and petitions filed, including on Shivalaya VDC Secretary Ramchandra Adhikari writing article accusing parties and various parties using T- shirts and caps, said CDO Umesh Kumar Dhakal. Some violations included throwing parties worth over Rs. 100,000 and cash distribution to various clubs.