Man Dressed As World Cup Trophy Is Haunting People In Croatia Neighborhood (Satire)

(Satire) Following the World Cup final match, where France won Croatia 4 – 2 and got the World Cup trophy, an unidentified man has been haunting people in a neighborhood of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. The police is currently investigating who is the man and trying to stop him.

He appeared at around 6 PM yesterday, and started chasing people who were celebrating that Croatia got second place.

“He appeared friendly at first. Like someone randomly dressed as the WC trophy. But then he started getting creepier and started shouting random french stuff which I didn’t understand”, said a woman who was in the area to our reporter Gary Cockburn.

The man chased people until 2 AM, when he was last seen. No one knows how he got the costume, or why he did this. But some people were really scared and others were just laughing (especially those far way from the beast).