Sangita Rai breaks National Record in Weighlifting


January 10, Pokhara: Men’s and Women’s National Weightlifting Competition under National Sports Council Championship has begun at a hall of Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industry from today.

In today’s event Nepal Police’s Sangita Rai (48 kg) set a new national record . In “clean and jerk” movement she lifted 66 kilograms thus breaking the 12 year old record set by Nita Thapa in Birgunj. She also leveled with Thapa in “snatch clean and jerk” movement by lifting 118-kilograms.

She faced lot of pressure during the match after her competitor from Nepal Army ,Manisha Ranabhat lifted 64-kilograms and thus increasing the drain for her. But she lifted 66-kilograms and kept the gold medal safe for herself.

” After getting into Nepal Police, i got the chance to train and i think this result is the outcome of that very training “, she said.

Similarly in the competition , Karina Chaudary bagged the second position by lifting 35 kilogram and 51-kilogram in “clean and jerk “.

Nepal Weightlifting Association and District Weightlifting Association has organised the three-day competition.

A total of 182 male and female players from Nepal Police, Armed Police Force and Nepali Army and 28 districts are participating in the competition. The players have been divided into nine weight groups each towards male and female categories.

The best players from this competition would be selected for their participation in South Asian Games scheduled in 2019 in Nepal

Covid-19 कोरोना भाइरस संक्रमणबाट बच्न र बचाउन गण्डकी प्रदेश सरकारको अपिल

Covid-19 कोरोना भाइरस संक्रमणबाट बच्न र बचाउन गण्डकी प्रदेश सरकारको अपिल

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