Rainfall displaces 500 families in Jhapa


Over 500 families have been displaced by incessant rainfall since few days in Jhapa district. Two people have gone missing. They have been identified as Shiva Kumar Rai of Damak-12 and Dhiraj Tajpuriya.

Fifty people have been displaced by rainfall in Rajgadh of Jhapa while 300 people have been displaced in Paanchgaachi, 40 in Mahabhara and 20 each from Topgachhi and Chakchaki of the district.

Those displaced people have been taking shelters in local schools and VDC offices.

According to District Police Office, Jhapa Inspector Hari Khatiwoda, the Natural Disaster Relief Committee of the district has been supplying rice, lentils and other food supplies to therainfall victims.

Meanwhile, water level has rose in the rivers including Ratuwa, Mawa, Kamal, Kankai, Biring, Mechi, among others, due to the continuous rainfall . cp. ekantipur.com