Where are we heading in Nepal?

I was walking back home from work 4 days back in a public transport when I heard teenagers discussing about our country’s condition. One thing that made me happy about our country’s condition was that every Nepali was so concerned about their motherland. Yeas! It’s high time that we all need to truly show our responsibility. Just yesterday I was added in a group in facebook which meant for all the young ones to stand for country. But only one question that is in my head presently is that are we all really ready to stand for country or are we all waiting for the rest of the citizens to mouth feed us. The social sites are all filled with our country’s very fluctuating condition. The NRN’s are also showing their worries. But will only worrying help?

The only thing that is confusing me is that when the entire country can understand the value of unity then why are our leaders acting deaf n dumb? Are they all out of their heads n their minds? Are they all going crazy? Why on earth are they dividing us according our cast religion and languages! When the most small group of citizens can understand and want to stay united only as a NEPALI why can’t the so called ‘buddhijiwis’ can’t understand this simple thing. Are they all planning to destroy our country? Are they all controlled by foreign particles?

The first mistake that we did was that we did believe the fake promises they made in the beginning. Everything was done so well that we had no other choice than to believe them. Is it too late now? Or are we still like the ostrich which hides it head under the ground and takes it out only when he wants to breathe. We are acting dumb. We are writing but we are not working. ‘Action speaks louder than words’ is what we were taught in school but we are just fighting with words. I do agree I am one of them.

Just the other day I heard a group of people talking about the good solutions which were practical and could apply well but these solutions are forced to die silently. We do not have rights to words as if we go against any big name then we have our share of bad time. With this fear all the people with a very productive innovations are killed inside and don’t get a chance even to speak out other than the tea shop!

People now just saying that it’s time to stand will not help. We actually need to do some remarkable thing for the last time. If we let it be the way it is then our people will have to fight for years to come. The riots among the religion will be so common that we will be confused as to who is fighting with whom. The religion that we all accept so easily will be tough for us to do and the festivals will die out soon too. Our population is very less to divide into religion. Our unity will be gone and the trust among one Nepali to other will fly and go.