My first Sky Diving -Pratap Tiwari

My first Sky Diving experience! ( Pame,Near Pokhara, 11th Nov. 2013)
How I dare to do that, how was that possible …still unbelievable! … Definitely, we need strong desire and determination to achieve something. Beside that, the environment and support! I had seen excitement in previous jumpers, where they were also encouraging me to try this ; lifetime experience. Finally, I made my heart strong enough and said yes to jump with my tandem pilot / skydiving instructor : Mr. Ryan, from New Zealand .
sky diving (2)After wearing harness and doing some jumping rehearsals.. We with another solo skydiver pilot sat in the helicopter….. Helicopter was gaining height, I felt pretty cold, windy, and noisy out there. As the helicopter was flying at some 12,000 feet , Suddenly my attention turns to instructor word : are you ready to jump? I was really scared at that time. Anyway I had to say yes because at that time that would be nonsense and could be called coward if I said no to jump. He tighten our harness, fastened goggles, sway back and forth couple of times, and said one, two, and three jump. Free fall in the air…damn!!! Completely blind for 2-3 sec!!! Unbelievable!! … After few seconds, we began to float in the air like bird…wow!!!..very exciting moment!!!
sky diving (1) Another instructor was shooting our video from other side and encouraging me …showing thumbs up . We also flew together in formation for few seconds. After some 40 seconds in the middle of the air ,, instructor opened parachute, we became upright, speed slowed down. Instructor was saying …look! ..that… mountain…fewa lake …your airport.. our landing site, pull this parachute rope to this side and turn yourself .. etc..etc.. I thought , he was trying to make the flight pleasant till we land . …after all , landed safely !!!! mission complete. Really, really exciting, memorable!!!! But, I am not going to do it again though. Once makes sense, second would be stupid!!! Except memory fades very, very quickly…Thanks to Fishtail Helicopter Company for providing this great opportunity.