She had made a kill and was dragging the bush buck

She had made a kill and was dragging the bush buck. Tall grass covered her from our sights but experience said the direction she was taking was towards a sausage tree. By now I had parked myself and aimed my lens at the trunk of the tree where I thought she would climb with the kill.tigerTwenty minutes passed and we assumed she was munching. How ever the lens still was aimed at the tree and without notice she sprang up the branch and an obvious reaction was to fire a shot. As she was under the cover of shade the background turned out to be an overexposed sky and I quickly pushed my thoughts towards sacrificing details of the leopard like seeing the spots / colors etc to make it a creative shot as there was no chance of making a conventional shot (As the background would get overexposed if I exposed for the dark lit subject)
I used my most frequently used technique – the Exposure Compensation to make it an under-exposed image and ended up with this proud image.
People who have attended my workshops would have heard this a zillion times, Exposure Compensation is a technique which helps us over-ride the Camera’s understanding and demand of exposure and change it to our creative needs.
I call it the Bramhaastra (Or a TrumpCard) for photographers. I also don’t remember a single image I have shot without the Exposure Compensation. Mostly on the (-) minus side and some times on the (+) plus side. Keeping it on -0.3 is my default (which is my zero) which not only helps give me a slightly under-exposed and dark image which is always better to the eyes than an over-exposed and bright image and also – gives me a slightly faster shutter speed than what the camera decides to give.
Double benefit!
By the way – this image was underexposed by more than 2 stops.
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