UML draws CEC’s attention on code violations

KATHMANDU, Nov 18 /A delegation of the CPN-UML met with Chief Election Commissioner Neel Kanth Uprety on Sunday and complained about the violation of the election code of conduct and activities against Election Crime and Punishment Act even in the silent period.
UML Secretary Yuvraj Gyawali and election department chief of the party Agni Kharel urged CEC Uprety and demanded him to halt the activities being carried out against election code. According to them, the UCPN-Maoist cadres banned other party cadres from reaching polling centers in Mardnaha, Gautari, Kalyanpur Kalabazar, Badara Mala of Constituency No 5 of Siraha district. They also banned distribution of election publicity materials and threatened booth representatives.
Similarly, the UCPN-Maoist’s youth wing YCL has threatened the locals from Purtimkanda, Bijeswori, Baphikot, Athabiskot, Duli and Gotamkot of Rukum Constituency No 2 of unpleasant result if they voted in the election. Kathmandu-based media as Janadesh daily and ABC Television were constantly disseminating news breaching the election code of conduct, the UML complained, adding that YCL had set up temporary camps at VDC 6 and 9 of Chitwan Constituency No 2.