20-year-old teen attempts suicide in Pokhara

28 year old, Jayaram Tripathi rescued a young 20-year-old boy who tried to commit suicide by taking a heavy surfeit of drugs this morning.

Shaan Godar, 20, was lying unconscious in Manipal Hospital recreation ground with blood all over his face when Tripathi saw him and took him to the hospital in an instant. According to doctors report, Godar attempted suicide by taking 15-20 pieces of Codeine 100 mg, a drug formally used to reduce mild to moderate pain which is misused by teenagers to intoxicate themselves for pleasure.

The reason for this dreadful attempt is still unknown. Police are trying to track the pharmacist who sold Godar that extravagant amount of pills.

Shaan had completed his college-level education from Gandaki Boarding School, Pokhara. His condition is very serious and is currently treated in the Intensive Care Unit(ICU) of Manipal Teaching Hospital. Doctors claim a slight delay in his evacuation would have resulted in his death.

Police are investigating the matters. RSS

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