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Protests all around against the decision to make ex-royal Himagriha location Chief Minister’s residence


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Tourism-based businessmen of Pokhara have revolted against the recommendation made by Kaski District Officer to make Himagriha Residence a temporary residence home of elected Chief Minister of province 4.
Speaking in a interaction program in Pokhara , tourism-based business men along with locals have protested and raised their voice against this decision which might be finalized if nothing is done . Ram Bahadur Poudel of Nagarik Samaj Pokhara also condemned this act and presented 3 other alternatives rather than this ex-royal residence.
He also said that CDO Taranath Adhikari choosed this loaction considering the security of Chief Minister . But now with protests coming from all sides other locations have also been observed. Ex member of Tourism Board Agni Kadel also said making this location a residence of Chief Minister will effect and degrade the tourism industry of Pokhara .

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