2 labourer’s killed and one injured in unspecified incident at Sarangkot, 11 arrested with suspicion

January 1, Pokhara
Two labourers working in a construction of a resort were found dead along with one severly injured in Sarangkot in Pokhara on Sunday evening.

Police hasn’t yet found their exact identity while locals predict them to be from Dharan , Dhankuta or nearby. The injured one is being treated in Gandaki Regional Hospital in the valley. His condition is critical and he has been seriously wounded.

According to police reports, all of them are wounded and it hasn’t been yet finalized whether they were killed or not. The investigation is on going rapidly.

Locals say that they were drinking liquor the day before and there is high chance of them being killed by intoxication or by other reasons.

Kaski Police Spokesperson DSP Khadga Bahadur Khadgi informed that the police are investigating if their death is a homicide.

Till now 11 suspicious people have been arrested during the investigation.

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