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अब, विज्ञापन गर्नुस Ganthan News Pokhara (Ganthan.com) मा, गन्थन मै विज्ञापन किन?

  • Eight years old domain/website (domain registered on 2009)
  • Top news portal from Pokhara (Province #4)
  • Ranked in top 100 websites of Nepal (Source: Alexa)
  • Daily updated fresh news contents to bring attention of readers
  • मोबाइल, आइप्याड, ल्यापटपजस्ता उपकरणमा स्क्रीन अनुसारको वेबसाइट (Device adaptive responsive website)
  • Daily average page views of 8 thousand (As of November, 2016)
  • Exposure to huge authentic followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
Live website traffic of Ganthan.com from Google Analytics
Live website traffic of Ganthan.com from Google Analytics

Advertising opportunities in Ganthan.com

Ad type
(विज्ञापनको प्रकार)
विज्ञापन कसले होस्ट गर्ने? दर (ने.रु, प्रति दिन) दर (ने.रु, प्रति हप्ता)
(top performing)
Hosted 2,000 7,000
full page
(home page jacket)
Hosted 2,000/day
(featured image ad)
Hosted 1,500/news item
(best sidebar)
Hosted 1,000 3,500
468×72 Hosted 1,000 3,500
300×600 (half page) Hosted 1,000 3,500
320×50 (mobile leader board) Hosted 600 2,000
300×250 Hosted 1,000 3,500

Ganthan respects Google’s guide to ad sizes, so please refer to top performing ad sizes here https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/6002621?hl=en

Ads for long run display and partnership are also welcome.

For all small ads per day price is Rs 150.

These prices are for Above the Fold (ATF) display portion of the desktop version of the website, while Below the Fold (BTF) display price lowered by 25%. All prices inclusive of taxes.

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